Get creative with wood with our wood recycling service

As well as the wide variety of family activities and attractions that we have at Sheffield Manor Lodge, Green Estate Recycling offers a very cost effective wood recycling service. With Winter upon us it’s a good time to get in the workshop, garage or shed and enhance your home, office or garden and experiment with our recycled wood. You’ll be amazed at what furniture and decorations can be created with our reclaimed pallets, especially in the garden.

media unit built with reclaimed timber from Green Estate timber recycling shop


Being creative means you can be as ambitious as you want with your wood creations, you can create furniture, like the wood media centre above shows, or you can be very practical, like the creator of this clock below has shown.

This is a fully working clock that one of our customers made using recycled wood from our Sheffield depot. We urge you to give it a go. Come and visit us at our depot at Manor Lane, S2 1UL, where you’ll be able to see the quality and variety of recycled wood that we have on offer at really low prices.

If you have lots of time on your hands, why not go for real ambition and create a wooden car like one of our customers has done.

The gallery on the Green Estate recycling website shows some of the lovely things that people have been making with our reclaimed timber. From smaller items around the house, up to commercial shop-fitting. We hope that these inspire you to have a go. As one customer commented,

“At the prices we sell our timber for, it’s fun to experiment and see what you can produce.”

We’d be very interested to see and hear about your wooden creations, so if you need any more information about where to get your wood from or need any help with your ideas, Please get in touch on 0114 2322 556, email us at  or find us at Manor Lane, Sheffield, S2 1UL.