The popularity of using reclaimed timber instead of conventional wood is on the rise.

There is a current trend in the UK of using reclaimed wood and timber to furnish, houses, offices and gardens. There are a few reasons for this. The first reason is the fact that reclaimed wood is full of character and has a unique quirky look. This lends itself to creating a shabby chique and industrial rustics look to internal and external furniture.

media unit built with reclaimed timber from Green Estate timber recycling shop

The other reason is the obvious environmental benefits of using reclaimed wood. By re-using timber you are not fulfilling the demand for further global deforestation and you are not adding to the landfill problems that all countries are facing. There is environmental hazard in the decomposition of wood as well, as it releases methane gas. This gas causes a vicious cycle in the global warming problem by creating ground level ozone. This ozone is dangerous to human health as well as the environment.

a local cheese factory counter built with reclaimed timber from Green Estate timber recycling shop

These are the reasons why a lot of people are turning to reclaimed wood for domestic or commercial use. The good news is that Green Estate Recycling has reclaimed timber available in all shapes and sizes from it’s shop on Manor Lane, Sheffield.

Have a look within the images of this article at some of the creations that have been designed using our reclaimed timber. Why not visit our depot in Sheffield and see for yourself. Not only will our timber have more character and be more cost effective, by purchasing from us you will be helping the environment as well.

neat timber stacks at the recycling shop on Burton Street Sheffield South Yorkshire

Our reclaimed timber shop is on Manor Lane, Sheffield. It is open to the public from 10am to 4pm Wednesday through to Friday and from 9am to 4pm on Saturday.

So if you are searching for timber at cost effective prices or something more specific, please get in touch on 0114 2322 556, email us at recycle@greenestate.orgĀ or call in to the shop and see what we have on offer.