The gallery above shows some of the lovely things that people have been making with our reclaimed timber, from smaller items around the house, up to commercial shop-fitting. We hope that these inspire you to have a go. As one customer commented, at the prices we sell our timber for, it’s fun to experiment and see what you can produce.

There are also some ideas on the web for using whole pallets, so please take a look at these as well, if you need even more inspiration:

At you can search using the number of pallets, level of difficulty, time required and cost, although this is in dollars as the site is from the USA. However, it’s a great source of inspiration, so click here to visit

On Facebook, there is an interesting page too: @palletwoodenprojects

I’m also seeking some good ideas for garden furniture projects, which utilise the pallet without too much disassembly being required, something like this:

… winter will be a little quieter around the store, so I hope to do some experimentation during that time, and see if I can come up with something similar. Watch this space!